The Final Conference of Remote


The Closing Ceremony of the European Project REMOTE took place from 5 July to 6 July 2012 at the Eckstein – Haus der Evang.-Luth. Kirche in Nuremberg. This two day event was organised by Netscouts gemeinnützige GmbH and the Nürnberger Initiative für die Kommunikationswirtschaft, NIK e.V.

The Final Conference was open to representatives of charitable organisations, hospitals, companies active in the field of medical technology and tele-medicine as well as other interested parties.

The focus of the successful Conference was on the current research results of the individual partners as well as utilization of the project results after project conclusion.

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Project Information


REMOTE is a pan-European research project concerned with the needs of elderly and individuals with chronic conditions. The focus is especially on those living in geographical or social isolation whose independent life is at risk with chronic conditions or lifestyle risk factors. The project will provide support for an independent life at home with the aid of AmI (Ambient intelligence) and tele-healthcare. The elderly’s personal environment will be enhanced with various kinds of monitoring and automation abilities for tracing activity and health condition, as well as detecting risks or critical situations. For this purpose the project will use and scale-up existing research prototypes and new systems for collecting human- and context-related data (including sensors attached to a person’s body, or sensors and actuators installed in houses or cars). As a growing number of elderly in urban as well as in rural areas live on their own, monitoring activity and medical data at anytime and from anywhere can ensure autonomy and a better quality of care and thus close the growing gap between urban and rural areas.

REMOTE attains this goal by introducing an innovative, ontology-driven, open reference architecture and platform that will enable interoperability, seamless connectivity and sharing of content among the different services. The project attaches great importance to the consistent involvement of its potential end-users and the measurement of usability, impact and acceptance of the project’s developments by elderly. It benefits from the structure of the consortium, a close collaboration of research and development institutions, competent SME’s in the field of tele-healthcare and AmI, major enterprises, user organisations, and universities.

Primary end-users of REMOTE are elderly with specific chronic conditions, especially those living in rural and isolated areas. For them the project will design multi-user controlled home environments. The elderly-oriented applications and services will enhance their self-care, social interaction, and skills maintenance ability, in order to offer the comfort, security and safety required: to maintain links with their family and friends, to go out for shopping or vacation etc. Health professionals are the secondary users of REMOTE. They will be provided with tools for continuous monitoring of a person’s situation (e.g. real time data and records of the patient’s condition, activity, and life environment changes) and history patient data. The modules include decision support tools that enable health professionals to review patient-data and to generate personalised, disease care plans and every-day feedback to the patients. All of these modules will be web-based to access them at anytime and from anywhere.
The tertiary end-users of REMOTE are health and care insurance providers. They will profit from the applications and services that will facilitate the development and integration of new services and new delivery platforms. This will meet their requirements concerning cost reduction, interoperability, and standardisation of services.


Remote health and social care for independent living of isolated elderly with chronic conditions
AAL Call 2008-01
Lead Partner:
Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH/IAB), Greece
Project Coordinator:
Prof. Nikolaos Maglaveras (nicmag@cert.gr)

Responsible for website:
Netscouts gemeinnützige GmbH